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The Anywhere But Here Archive -- 2nd Person ASH Character Fics
Behind Green Eyes -- Karen Jephson's Fanfic
Bloody Priceless -- Giles Writers Resources
GylzGirl's Anthony Stewart Head Shrine -- On the Net Since 1998
HeadQuarters: The Anthony Head Characters Fanfic Archive
Private Watcher Chronicles-- GylzGirl's Adult Fanfic
The Watcher Chronicles -- GylzGirl's Fanfic

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Chameleon- A Vincent D'Onofrio Characters Fanfiction Archive
Confessions of a Serial Fangirl
Depp Fanfiction
My Genealogy: Quick Surname List
Red Windmill: The Moulin Rouge Fanfiction Archive
Stanislaus Halloween Directory

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Hughfanfiction - Hugh Jackman character fanfiction
Moffetgenealogy - For Moffet line research

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